Journal of Anatolian Wildlife Sciences

About Journal


Journal of Anatolian Wildlife Sciences (JAWS) is an online, international, interdisciplinary journal that focused on biology, medicine and surgery of both captive and free wild animals. JAWS is an open access peer-reviewed journal which means that all content is freely available to the user or his/her institution.

JAWS aims to publish which include on all field of wildlife sciences original (full-length) articles, short communications, preliminary scientific reports, case reports, letters to the editor, reviews.

Appropriate topics of the journal include investigations into the biology and ecology of wildlife (mammals, birds, reptiles, aquatic vertebrates) and their habitats that have direct or indirect implications for wildlife management and conservation. This includes basic information on wildlife habitat use, reproduction, genetics, demographics, viability, predator-prey relationships, space-use, movements, behavior, and physiology.   

The theoretical and conceptual aspects of wildlife science are also considered, including the development of new approaches to quantitative analysis, modeling of wildlife populations and habitats, and other issues related to the advancement of wildlife science.

Manuscript Evaluation Criteria and peer review process of JAWS is available in related links.